The longstanding compromise on transaction sizes, how Taproot and SegWit inadvertantly blew it up, and the nascent NFT protocol emerging in its wake
A private space for us to converse and connect
Where history will be made around the world in 2023

December 2022

How Nostr or Farcaster aim to address the fundamental problem in social, satisfying everyone along the way
My last post linked to the javascript editor for the “institutional compass” quiz rather than the quiz itself… sorry about that! The correct link is…
A new political matrix for a disorienting time

November 2022

How the fraudulent executive was miscast as a shill for the regulatory state when reality points to the opposite

July 2022

A pre-emptive strike against your hot takes on Taiwan
My Bitcoin Improvement Proposal

March 2022

Or, are there rugs yet un-pulled?
When Being "Against the Current Thing" Falls out of Fashion
Flexing your contrarian credentials