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Interesting premise on this essay. But I think the luxury beliefs you pick are held by a small percentage (i.e. extreme right, or extreme ignorant). Where as luxury beliefs on the left (or wealthy) take up a larger portion of left (or wealthy) meme space.

Specifically, Covid19 denial is mischaracterized (yes it exists on the extreme), I think the main point on the right is that we need a risk based approach (not 0 or 1), and that indeed lock downs caused more harm then good (again risk based approach, community spread was already massive before any lockdowns were called). Specifically recommend Jay Bhattacharya - Lex Fridman Podcast #254 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIOGUYOPAsA

The Putin one is even more so skewed, the main people supporting Putin are anti-imperialist (anti one world power) types, again most are on the left or simply don't take Democratic or Republican sides (i.e. 2 sides of same coin). The country has not been this united on an issue for a long time, so not sure where the source of this one comes from, with exception of a few non establishment journalists.

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