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This is so good, I agree with everything. The notion that the current toxic Bitcoin cancel culture is actually an attack on Bitcoin needs to be more widely understood.

Burn it to the fucking ground.

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I find this to be a reasonable article, even if I tend to sympathize more with the group you are criticizing. Listen, you're not wrong: exclusivity and narrow minded thinking is destructive, it's destructive to any system or culture. And it's for this exact reason, there should be room within the bitcoin culture for the maxis too. There absolutely should be a carve out within the space for them to 'experiment' with their mindset and point of views. We cannot burn this to the ground. It must be allowed to thrive or die or meld into the background of irrelevance or to persist. Why? Because by the very SPIRIT of your argument, it must be allowed. There is a healthiness to conflict and competition within any ecosystem. Families, Nations, Individual's own minds even. Best ideas win out over time, best practices reap best rewards over time and cement themselves as orthodoxy. We can't look at all of this as a disease that needs stamped out. There are very real concerns about vaccines, climate change overreaction, seed oils, sunscreen even. Bitcoiners at the end of the day are just people too, and we're all in this together, and we're all uncertain about this very rapidly changing world we live in. I'm not saying I know what to believe on all of these issues, but to dismiss those who want to open the discussion up, or take a stand against a barrage of what often feels like one-sided information from the other side of the debate, is wrong too. What happened to nic carter is ugly, but he's a big boy, with one of the sharpest minds in the community or the world, and he can handle himself, and has done so with poise. We're learning so much through all of this; let school stay in session; don't burn stuff down.

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Went to dinner and smiled for pictures with your hosts, then THREE years later posted that picture to publicly mock them and call them “boring” and “insecure” for… enjoying steak at a steak restaurant and chatting about sports? Also, “dimly lit”? Looks like the brightest, most well-lit restaurant I’ve ever seen in my life. Lol at you crying about the paper cut you got three years ago though.

Then you compare this small dinner with an enormous annual festival? Eye-opening stuff. Congrats on the freshman you cornered though, I’m sure she enjoyed you salivating over her major (I notice you’ve since removed mention of how she identifies though, as well as her sexuality, I assume by request of not reducing this woman to an identity politics checklist tool).

Ironically, as is always the case with people like yourself, by espousing “bad culture” and the “wrongness” of others’ hobbies, interests, or views on exercise, family, faith etc, you are literally worse than those you’re trying to criticise. What’s actually pathetic is diagnosing people who were kind enough to have you for dinner as being “insecure about their masculinity” (which you seem to be bizarrely fixated on) because their opinions and lifestyles differ from your nail-painting jpeg partygoers.

“Maybe we can drink orange tequila sunrises and eat pizza” ..who tf is stopping you? The imagined oppression is obscene. You are not a victim, the only person stopping you from having a tequila sunrise and slice of pizza is you.

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lol pro vax explains alot

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As a "bitcoin maxi", I found this spot on. I especially like what Troy Cross has to say about it, that we are effectively reducing our total market by forcing people to agree with what narrow minded idiocy is on our mind today. Ex: climate change. Over 75% of people agree in climate change, and so why are we so vehemently pushing the 25% part, and leaving out three quarters of people! Its just plain stupid. Anyways, great post, and perhaps we would all do better by spending less time on social media.

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